GuineaCARVE: The Results

What would you CARVE? 


You might have spotted our GuineaCARVE competition earlier last month. Wax carving is our bag, and we’re super keen to show you the versatility of the material - it’s not just rings you can CARVE.  

Our GuineaCARVE class, run with some CARVE veterans and some newbies, was designed to test our method for carving a pendant. Now we’ve put our Guineas through their paces, we know we can offer you a CARVE-a-pendant class that’s just as polished (‘scuse the pun) as carving a ring.

Our GuineaCARVEs tested out the wax size, and shape, and told us what they wanted more and less of. Just like carving a ring - there’re a couple of options on the shape of your initial wax. But you can rest assured you get the same amount of wax as you do in a ring blank. There’s just no finger hole in it. That would be weird. 

The pendant CARVE lets you pick what kind of chain you want. You likely have one in mind already, so you can pick whether you want us to add a jump ring (for threading your chain through) or if you want to design your pendant around the chain. It's pretty open! 

Our Guinea pendants are back from the casters and we're cleaning them up - ready for necks. We're also just putting some finishing touches on the pendant workshop model - watch this space for news of pendant carving hitting a CARVE near you!