ComplementsCARVE #3: Spumante Brut from S&G

Carving a ring from wax requires a certain amount of dexterity, and concentration. It also requires a splash of creativity, which every single one of you has in you.

Sometimes, we get to work with a partner venue who can help us out with all of these things, using a magic elixir called wine.

For the lucky lot who joined us at Smith and Gertrude in Edinburgh on Wednesday 14 June, this elixir came in the form of the Falanghina Spumante Brut, a fizzy, delightful alternative to prosecco that comes from Italy and was served up with our participants’ wax blanks.

It’s a little bit apple-y, a little bit citrus-y, not-too-sweet and just the right amount of fizzy. Believe us when we tell you, we couldn’t get enough.

AND - the CARVEs that were birthed from the joys of this fizzy delight were nothing short of spectacular.

Cheers, Smith & Gertrude, on one heck of an excellent complement to CARVE.