CARVE Production

You know that feeling, when you come along to a CARVE class and made your own ring that you LOVE but you also just really wanted to take home one of the CARVE samples? 

Well, now you can. 

Buy a CARVE! 

You've been eyeing up our CARVE samples. That's OK, we're pretty proud of them. So we've decided that we'll put five of our CARVE samples into 'production', and they'll be for sale in our online shop really soon. 

But we can't pick which five - so we need you to do it for us. 

We've numbered each of our samples, so comment below with the number that corresponds to the sample you think we should be making readily available. We'll list the five samples with the most votes in the shop, so you can buy CARVE, ready-to-wear. 

It's off-the-rack, a bit more high street. The rings that started it all - for your finger. Once (with your help) we've whittled it down to the five winning designs, you can purchase your favourite (and pick your finish) and we send it off to be cast. It will arrive on your doorstep in no more that three weeks, ready to be part of your collection. Just like a CARVE workshop, except without any of the actual, you know, carving. We've done that bit for you - but with each ring hand-finished just for you; it's still bespoke. 

If you weren't quite sure about the making part but still wanted a ring that was made to your specifications, or just wanted to add to your collection with a Kate and Katie original, now you can. 

So vote, vote, vote, either in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram. Tell us which samples you'd like to see out there in the world, on your finger, or ready to give as a gift, and we'll get them up in our shop.