Hello, my name is Jenni and I'm a CARVE addict.

I’m a CARVE addict.

For those of you who have been to a CARVE class, you’ll know it’s pretty easy to get addicted. Myself, I have taken part in three classes. My first ring is dense and chunky, and covered in lovely deep grooves. My second ring is wiggly on the inside and looks a little bit like a certain part of the male anatomy (it was supposed to be mountains). My third ring is angular and pointy, oxidised and edgy, and I got so carried away putting lines in it that I forgot to polish it up. They’re all kind of funny looking. I love every single thing about them.

I’m definitely not a jeweller. But the thing about the CARVE classes is that you absolutely don’t have to be. Kate and Katie are lovely. I think I snapped every single one of my bits of wax, but they were there to fix it. (Yes, you can fix it!) And there’s never any judgement on your design - even when it does look a bit like testicles. CARVE is a chance to be completely creatively free, even when you don’t know you’re creative. One of my classes was a hen party, and we started early, so by the time Kate and Katie got there a good portion of my creative brain was made of prosecco. (Guess which ring I made then?!) Katie said she enjoyed my running commentary on the song choices. I don’t fully believe her - but she fixed our rings every time someone snapped theirs, and I have never heard a group of hens be more delighted after a hen party activity. They all wore them to the wedding, and the class got top billing in the speeches.

But it’s not just special events - these girls pop up regularly in the most wondrous of places. When they do, there’s cake (or sometimes nachos), there’s great chat and then you get a ring that you made with your very own fingers. The venues the girls pick are awesome, so not only do you get to make your very own ring but you get to do it in a beautiful space, usually with good coffee or nice booze. Or both.

These classes are so much fun, and I love that it makes you realise just how much work goes into creating a single piece of jewellery. Both Kate and Katie have day jobs too - it’s not just CARVE. Kate is what I’m going to call a bitchin’ jewellery coach, and Katie is a fabulous jeweller. I love what they’re doing, both in and out of CARVE, and I want to help them spread the word. So you might see a few more of my rambling blog posts; I will chatter to you on the CARVE social media channels; and if you’re a nice venue, I will chase you down to hold a CARVE class or six. I might also be the person who sticks a phone/camera in your face while you’re making your masterpiece, so I’m sorry in advance. You can tell me to sod off, it’s cool. But I’ll be around - if I’m not helping spread the word you can bet your bum I’ll be making another ring. Maybe without several litres of prosecco in me first. Then again, maybe not. Balls are so in right now.

N.B. I recently learned that there is a person out there who has undertaken four CARVE classes. To this rival, I tell you: it’s on. Just wait till the new year. I’ll be doing more CARVEs than you can shake a stick at.

I’ll see you all there.