Our Story

CARVE brings you a fun and relaxed workshop in exciting venues across Scotland, marrying handcrafted jewellery with unique experiences.

Our CARVE workshops draw out your inner creativity, and combine it with our jewellery know-how. In one two-hour workshop you will have made a one-of-a kind piece of jewellery, unique to you. We hold pop-up workshops every month in a different location across Scotland. Join us on one of workshops of create your own bespoke CARVE.

CARVE was established in 2015 when friends Katie Lees and Kate Pickering wanted to take jewellery making out of the studio and into the world. Instead of carrying blow torches, saws and hammers around, Kate and Katie packed up their tool trolley with files, carving tools, jewellers wax and thimbles and rocked up to cool spaces around Scotland allowing all sorts of people to make unique pieces of jewellery.

At the end of 2017, things reached new heights for Katie Lees Jewellery, with her amazing jewellery becoming even more popular, meaning she had to take a step back from CARVE. Whilst Katie continues to focus on her own brand, Kate continues to deliver CARVE workshops across Scotland. Kate has over 10 years of experience in the jewellery game: she has built a reputation for supporting and promoting the jewellery industry in Scotland through her countrywide festival Scottish Jewellery Week and jewellery incubator programme Vanilla Ink (now a School and Studios in Glasgow and Centre for Excellence in Banff, both run by Kate and goldsmith Scott McIntyre). In 2018 CARVE became a part of the Vanilla Ink family too - so now we’re sort of like the excitable freelance entrepreneur to Vanilla Ink’s wise old CEO.

We love bringing CARVE to as many corners of Scotland as we can. But with two locations for Vanilla Ink and a host of other projects clamouring for her time, the journey out of the central belt was proving too time consuming for Kate. In 2018 we found our answer: silversmith Megan Falconer joined the team as our CARVE expert and workshop host in the north east of Scotland. With Megan on board and our marketing and design being looked after by illustrator Jenni Colquhoun, our little, part-time team of three a well and truly living the CARVE dream.

The Process

It takes a little while to get your head around the idea of wax CARVing so we worked with videographer Colin Tennant to make a beautiful yet educating film about a CARVE workshop. With special thanks to Tupelo Tree, The Garden Townhouse,  Jennifer Colquhoun and our willing CARVErs.

We have spent time carefully curating a Pinterest board to help you find some inspiration ahead of the workshop and see what others have created. We recommend taking a look before coming along, even if you have ideas,  you can get a feel for what you can produce in the time available.